Simplify 'n' Scale Program

Simplify ‘n’ Scale Your Business 

…in a way that is ALIGNED with YOU

Play with the energetics and strategies that scale your wildly profitable business and do it how you love.


Totally customized to you so it FEELS right for YOU.


Simplify 'n' Scale it's about focusing on what matters, doing what works for you, and simply ditching the rest.

Join me:

- You will master the energetics 

 - You will create the strategy that works for YOU

 - You will tweak everything to your design

 - You will master the exquisite buyer experience, so you attract high quality clients

 - You will create joy and playfulness in your business

Things get to be easy and fun

What would 10k or 15k months mean for you and your business?

Now could be your time

Here is how we do this:

Join the Simplify ‘n’ Scale business community, and I’ll teach you how to scale your business your way;  to make things feel more flowy and aligned, so you can have more fun while making a lot more money.

Your business can be aligned to YOU; it should be. 

If you desire an accountability partner, we pair you.

You have lifetime access to this course with in-depth business training, archetypes, concrete examples and integration.

 And a world-class community to hang with.

You have 12-months of 33 mentorship calls with me to up-level your business and create more results

And epic support like monthly strategy call, and lead generation calls.

Plus an all inclusive pass to all my offerings (excluding my Mastermind, retreats and co-hosted events)

 - Together we'll tweak your business model, offerings, how you serve, and client attraction to make more money based on YOUR DESIGN.

I'm ready, are you?

What do you get when you join

 *** Instant Access to Create and implement your multiple 6-figure strategy. 

I take you through the whole process of energetics and setting up and implementing your buyer experience.

 *** 1:1 Session with Silja


- 33x Mentorship Calls with Silja Thor (Value €7.500)

- 12x Strategy Calls (Value €2500)

- 12x Lead Gen Calls (Value €2500)

- LIVE Courses (Value €5000+)

- Lifetime Access to my body of work, the core modules (Value €7500)

- Private Facebook Community (Priceless) 

- Accountability Buddy (Priceless) 

- All inclusive pass to any of my offerings (excluding retreats, co-hosted events and my Mastermind) (Value €2500 )

Total Value€25.000

Today only for €7000  or 12 payments of €700

All amounts are in EUR

View your payment dates here. You'll have access to a copy for your records.

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