Queering Spirituality - the 6-Month Course from Butch Yoga

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You're here because you know you want to be part of a queer spiritual space where you can learn meaningful ideas, put those ideas into action, connect with other queers, and become more of who you really are.

Queering Spirituality is a 6 month course (3/31-9/29), open to LGBTQ+ people of all gender identities, that will change the way you relate to yourself--to your body, your mind, your whole life, and the world.

The time commitment is low, but the effects you'll experience are big!
have a queer spiritual community to learn, share & practice with 
- feel more magic in your life
- feel more at home & relaxed in your body & mind
- grow a deeper sense of connection to yourself & others
- become more of who you want to be

You'll be learning specific ideas and practical tools from Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Magick to have new experiences of your feelings & tune into more supportive beliefs to help you feel happier, more magic & meaning in your life, and more at home in the world. 

What you get in the course:
about 30 minutes of self-paced material released each week (with video & audio, plus slides and transcripts, all organized in 1 easy location)
- 1 live monthly Q&A (you can ask questions in advance & it will be recorded, nbd if you miss it!)
- a queer group space to share with others & optional opportunities to connect 1:1
- you'll have lifetime access to all materials!  (this will support you for years!!)

Themes in Queering Spirituality:

Month 1: Belief, Truth, and Meaning 
- learn how to use different ideas as maps to navigate your life

Month 2: Who Are You? 
- get to know how to really know thyself

Month 3: What is the World? 
- see through the illusion and learn how to work with it

Month 4: How to Love Everyone (including yourself) 
- open your heart and transform your relationships

Month 5: Finding Your Purpose
- get clear on what you're actually doing here

Month 6: Using Your Will
- grow stronger in your ability to make things happen

Transform Your Self-Talk
And okay, if you notice some negative self-talk coming up about wondering if you can even do this, as a bonus, you'll also get a pre-recorded workshop from Butch Yoga called Transform Your Self-Talk! This will give you specific ways to level-up your beliefs about yourself and get ready for even more transformation.
($75 value!)

Access to all Pre-Course Workshop Recordings
Get access to all of the Queering Spirituality Pre-Course Workshop recording so you can build more of a foundation for yourself with these introductory workshops to start connecting spiritual ideas to your life. 
- Writing Your Queer Spiritual Story
- As Above, So Below: The Cosmos & You 
- Resting Butch Face: How to Smile for Yourself 
- Tonglen Meditation for Palestine
You'll get instant access to all of these pre-course workshops 
($100 value!)

Monthly 1:1 Call with Joelle 
Get extra support as you go through the course—you can schedule a call with Joelle every month to check in about how it's going for you, and you'll get motivation, encouragement, and guidance for your personal journey. 
Each month you'll get a link to schedule your call with Joelle
($600 value!) 

There's never a "perfect" time in life to decide to do something like this for yourself, and Queering Spirituality is designed to leave plenty of space for life to happen too. 

But don't just keep letting your life happen--join Queering Spirituality and become more of who you really want to be, so you can start experiencing more of what you really want most in your life. 

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