1-1 ALIGN 4 Month Coaching Experience

🌟Ready to unlock those "ah-ha" moments that give you chills? (They happen often with my clients)
🌟Seeking clarity, enlightenment, and a profound sense of peace?
🌟Longing for inner harmony, even amidst life's storms?
🌟Eager to elevate decision-making and align with your true self?

🚀Look no further, because it's time to step into the ALIGN Experience with me! 

🌄I specialize in guiding individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the unknown - be it launching a new business venture, navigating major life transitions, or reaching new personal and professional heights. 

My own spiritual journey began with a powerful awakening in 2014 that transformed my life from being known as the "bad luck girl" into a new magical world. After years of experiencing and studying how the Universe is a loving and intelligent source. I'm here to be your trusted guide.

If you're in search of:
🔹 Tangible Skills: Empower yourself to make wise and compassionate decisions while maintaining inner peace, propelling your life into a vibrant new space.
🔹 Supportive Environment: A warm, non-judgmental space for exploring and enhancing these skills.
🔹 Custom Care: A truly personalized, white glove, boutique coaching experience.

🌈ALIGN is the program created just for you.

Here's what I bring to the table:
🔸 20+ years of corporate leadership experience with private and publicly traded companies.
🔸 A lifelong commitment to spiritual exploration, offering a treasure trove of modalities, activities, and rituals to help you act on your goals and lead a fulfilling life. 📚
🔸 Thousands of hours coaching clients who've achieved remarkable results.
🔸 Certified by U.C. Berkeley as an Executive Coach, a Certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coach, and a Certified Edgewalker Coach.

My expertise lies in helping with:
✨ Unlocking Your Inner Potential: Discover a framework that empowers you to navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.
✨ Energetic Guidance: Receive energetic guidance to uplift your life and align with your true potential.
✨ Negative Energy Clearings: Let go of negativity and embrace positivity with personalized recommendations to create a harmonious and balanced life.

🌠This intensive 4-month, one-on-one coaching experience is designed to lead you to a profound SHIFT, one that brings fulfillment and inner peace into both your business and personal life at a level you've never experienced before. 🌠

📆Our partnership for these transformative results involves three 60-minute sessions per month for four months, along with private access to me via messaging and email throughout our journey together. 

🔹 4 Months of Private 1:1 Coaching with three 60-minute sessions per month.
🔹 Your first session must be booked within two weeks of purchase, and you can schedule your 12 sessions throughout the four months according to your calendar.
🔹 Flexibility to accommodate unforeseen life circumstances.
🔹 Ongoing support between sessions through messaging and email.

Once you complete your payment, you will receive a personal welcome message from me that includes your coaching contract, session scheduling links and details on how to complete the SQ21 assessment which is an included valuable part of this experience.

Step into ALIGN and experience the Magic! 🪄 Warmly, Amy

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