DFY Consistent Presence Service

“How does this work?” 

You’ll start with a welcome video call (onboarding) with Sean Buvala to discuss your vision and needs.

You'll answer the monthly questionnaire asking for your input about your next month's service. 

You'll upload any raw pictures or graphics you would like used for your creatives. 

You'll promptly give approvals when requested for new creatives. 

We’ll post 12 social-media posts per month (3 per week) for one primary platform. This will include memes, basic copywriting, engagement questions, and original images. 

You might also supply raw images and pictures. 

We’re currently scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

We will schedule and post your content using our software. It’s DFY: Hands-off, done for you!

We’ll have a one-to-one video consult at the end of each month. You’ll get some reports, too, once they become available.

You will maintain an active social media account. 

You will "hold harmless" our company and staff for the postings to your account. 

This service does not include engagement or interaction with your site visitors.
This service does not include the posting of reels or videos to your account. 

This is a pre-paid service. There are no refunds. 

You will be billed automatically each month for the renewal of your subscription. 

After your first initial payment, your first posts from us will go up in 7 days or less. 


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