HEāRT of HEāRT (1000$ donation)

thank you for considering a donation to our museum! For every donation received, we will enter the donor into an annual raffle for a chance to win a 25,000$ lēgendery limited edition artwork. By making a donation, you will automatically be eligible to enter the raffle and support our mission of preserving and promoting art and history. Thank you for your generosity and support!

we wanted to take a moment to express our deep gratitude for your ongoing support the international musēum of the heārt. Your donation is critical in helping us keep our doors open and ensuring that our unique art gallery and museum experience remains free and accessible to the public.

as a member of the heārt foundation community, you'll receive regular updates about our exhibitions, events, and initiatives via email or text. we'll keep you informed about the latest news and share exciting stories about the heārtist and exhibits that we showcase, also we will welcome you to our live events.
in addition, as a HEāRT member, you'll be eligible for exclusive benefits and opportunities, including access to special events at the gallery, and more. We'll let you know about these as they become available.

thanks to your generosity, we can continue pushing the boundaries of art and science and providing our visitors with an unforgettable journey through the heart and mind. your support helps us to be able to keep our doors open and offer this unique experience to the public completely free of charge.

 we're honored to have you as a member of our community of the heārts, and we look forward to sharing our passion with you and keeping the heārt musēum and HEĀRT GALLERY MIAMI thriving for years to come.

the heārtist

HEāRT members of the HEĀRT FOUNDATION will be eligible to:
(donations of $501 +)

a welcome email or letter thanking the member for their support
a digital badge or certificate of membership
access to the museum's online newsletter or updates
free admission to the musēum for up to 4 people/year
a 15% discount on museum merchandise or gift shop purchases
invitation to exclusive museum events or preview
recognition on the museum's donor wall (2nd year & up)
priority access to special exhibitions or events
RSVP events
free access (2 VIP tickets) events & shows worldwide and 25% discount for guests
free access to webinars and online courses


monthly, starting Today
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