Renovo Labs DNA Promo for Influencers

Introducing our free DNA test, available to all fitness influencers with 100k followers who want to discover more about their genetic makeup. By agreeing to participate, you'll receive a complimentary DNA test kit and in return, we ask that you post a video promoting the value of the test on your Instagram profile, tagging @renovolabs.

Please note that failure to create a post or to post in accordance with our guidelines will result in a charge of the full purchase price of the DNA test through the credit card provided along with this form within a 90-day period.

We ask that your post remains visible on your Instagram profile for at least 365 days from the date of this agreement. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn more about yourself and share your experience with others!

You are NOT being charged $199 every 90 days. In the event that you fail to post within the 90-day period, you'll be charged the $199 fee once to cover the cost of the DNA test.

All amounts are in USD
  • Every 90 days

    $199 x 1
  • Total payment plan cost

  • What you pay today

    $199 after 90 days

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